New Device Can Reduce or Prevent Migraines

Cefaly is a band that is worn on the forehead and sends electric shocks to one of the nerves of the brain. The invention developed by a Belgian company, has just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA), after several studies, the institution considered it safe and effective in the prevention and treatment of migraines.

Using Cefaly is very simple, the band goes on the forehead and just above the ears standing. When activated, electrical impulses are sent to the the trigeminal nerve associated with migraine attacks. In a high percentage of patients, the result after a period of use is fewer migraine attacks per month or week, depending on each patient’s case.

According to the FDA, the device can serve as an alternative to medication or to prevent migraines. The band can only be used for up to 20 minutes a day and serves to reduce pain after the attack occurred, but it also helps in the prevention and reduction of attacks.

A study in Belgium from 67 patients undergoing more than two migraine attacks per month showed that those who used the Cefaly experienced days after fewer migraines per month and therefore had to take less medication, compared to those who used a placebo-device as a treatment.

The FDA also conducted a survey of satisfaction among 2,313 Cefaly users, of which 81 % were satisfied and 77 % had secured a reduction in the number of migraines. Cefaly will cost $400 and can be purchased online, the FDA approval is a seal of approval , but it certainly does not take into account long-term effects with this being a new therapy .