New Bond Film ‘Spectre’ Breaks UK Box Office Records

VOA News

«Spectre», the latest James Bond movie is breaking British box office records, Sony Pictures Entertainment said on Wednesday.

The latest installment in the Bond series, starring Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 made $9.2 million its first full day in theaters. Sony said it was the biggest Tuesday ever in movie-going history in Britain.

The movie studio said in a statement that «Spectre’s» first day haul also outpaced the U.K. first day gross for «Skyfall» the previous Bond movie, which came out in  2012.

«Spectre» was released in Britain and Ireland on October 26, and is due to be released in other parts of the world in early November.

Craig, who plays Bond for the fourth time, has said it will be his last time playing the ultimate spy.

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