Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Pens Letter to President Trump Seeking Much Needed Federal Assistance for All Rhode Islanders

 Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Pens Letter to President Trump Seeking Much Needed Federal Assistance for All Rhode Islanders

STATE HOUSE — Minority Leader Patricia Morgan (R-District 26 Coventry, Warwick,
West Warwick) has written a letter to President Donald J. Trump asking that he
consider Rhode Island in his infrastructure plans. Last week, President Trump took
action to overcome the difficulties to construction of both the Keystone XL and
Dakota pipelines. Additionally, he has discussed his desire to spend $1 trillion to
improve our nation’s infrastructure. «Given the President’s priorities of national
energy independence and improving our infrastructure, it strikes me that he might be
willing to help Rhode Island with the stalled gas pipeline, if we asked him,» she

In her letter, she writes, «A proposed and much needed pipeline has been bogged down
for years during the Obama administration, presumably for climate change reasons.
Rhode Island families, businesses and I need your help moving this project to

Morgan is referring to the Algonquin Gas pipeline that must be built across New York
and Connecticut to increase inadequate gas supplies to our state. Over the past few
winters as more homes have converted to gas heat, National Grid and the Public
Utilities Commission has been forced to significantly increase the cost of
electricity to ratepayers. Because homes heating needs are prioritized, they consume
the lion’s share of our current capacity. The solution is building another gas
pipeline along the path of the existing pipeline to increase capacity.
Unfortunately, the bogged down Algonquin pipeline was not mentioned on the list of

In her letter, Representative Morgan added, «We are hoping that as part of your new
emphasis on infrastructure projects, you could help us in Rhode Island to work
through the difficulties. Our businesses and residents need the relief. If this
pipeline project is built and begins delivering much-needed natural gas, it will not
only lower the cost of energy, it will also improve our business climate in Rhode

«In addition, I wholeheartedly support your plans for corporate tax relief. As you
encourage corporations to «on-shore» wealth, we in Rhode Island want to be well
positioned to provide a US home for these repatriated corporations and industries,»
Rep. Morgan stated.

«One third of our budget comes from the federal government. We have growing needs
and can benefit from federal programs to help defray costs.
As the senior elected official of the Republican caucus in the House of
Representatives, Leader Morgan has offered to work with President Trump’s
administration and White House staff to help prepare legislation to position Rhode
Island to become a destination for such firms and corporations.