Mayor Taveras Launches Second Season Of Providence Road Improvement Project; Capital City Ahead Of Schedule To Complete $40 Million In New And Repaired Roads

PROVIDENCE, RI – Mayor Angel Taveras today kicked off the second season of Providence’s $40 million Road Improvement Project on Moses Brown Street in the Wayland Square neighborhood.
«We are excited to resume paving roads throughout Providence for the second season of our $40 million road improvement project,» Mayor Taveras said. «We covered a lot of ground last year and anticipate another productive season of road repairs. The Providence Road Improvement project is a long-term investment in jobs and infrastructure, and is immediately improving the quality of life in Rhode Island’s capital city.»
Residents can access a map of completed and planned road improvements from the city’s website homepage,
«The $40 million Providence Road Improvement Project is a smart and necessary investment in our city’s infrastructure,» said Council President Solomon. «The project has created local jobs and we are already seeing vast improvements in every neighborhood across the city, which will have a long-lasting impact for our residents, businesses and our local economy.»
Providence’s voters overwhelmingly approved a $40 million road bond in 2012, and last spring Mayor Taveras kicked off the first year of road repairs in Providence’s Southside. Thirty two miles of roads were completed last year, and the project will ultimately repave and repair an estimated one out of every six roads in Providence. The city’s road improvement project was estimated to create 750 jobs for area residents.
Roads were selected for repair using a merit-based analysis by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers