Block Makes Statement On Ethics In Ri Politics

Providence, RI – Today, Republican Candidate for Governor Ken Block called for the need to change how politicians operate in Rhode Island.

Citing the contributions Treasurer Raimondo, Mayor Fung, and Mayor Taveras made to Speaker Fox, as well as Treasurer Raimondo’s and Mayor Taveras’ walking with Speaker Fox in his district, all while allegations of pay-to-play and corruption in the 38 Studios deal and PEDP Loans were being made, Mr. Block said, «We need a change agent as Governor, and these career politicians kissed the brass ring of power despite the stench of 38 Studios.»
Additionally, Mr. Block highlighted the fact that Mayor Fung has accepted contributions from the leadership of the Cranston police union and recently said that he believes accepting these contributions is completely acceptable, saying, «We have a culture of corruption and there is no better example of this than my opponent in the Republican primary. The acceptance of contributions from the union leaders he is negotiating contracts with should be disqualifying.»
Furthermore, Mr. Block pledged, «As Governor I will not accept any contributions from anyone who will be negotiating directly with the Governor’s office. Rhode Islanders deserve better than that and need to be able to have complete faith that their elected officials are acting solely in the best interests of their constituents.»

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