Mayor Fung announces plans for post-storm clean-up of Debris

 Mayor Fung announces plans for post-storm clean-up of Debris

Cranston-  As residents continue to recover from yesterday’s storm, Mayor Fung announced the City’s plans for cleaning up debris throughout Cranston.


“Public safety is our priority so we are asking people to have patience as we work our way through this clean-up.  Our public works crews are all assigned to post-storm clean up throughout the city.  Their priority is to get sidewalks and roadways cleared and passable.” stated Mayor Fung


Cranston Public Work crews are working with an outside contractor and National Grid to clear up downed trees that are blocking roads, driveways and the public right of way.  This situation is further complicated by electrical wires and other wires wrapped amongst the trees so this is going to slow things down.

We have some guidelines for our residents to follow for post storm clean up:

  1. Residents must bundle any debris that they can into 4 foot sections and place it curbside for collection as they would with normal yard waste.
  2. Larger limbs can be placed curbside where they will be picked up by our public works department.
  3. This clean-up is limited strictly to ORGANIC MATERIAL ONLY- NO TRASH OR FURNITURE WILL BE PICKED UP.

We ask residents to have patience as this clean-up process will take several weeks and your storm debris may be curbside for that long.

In addition, Mayor Fung announced that the town of Johnston has contributed a wood chipper, 2 trucks and 4 laborers to aid the Cranston Department of Public Works during our clean-up efforts.

“On behalf of the residents of Cranston would like to thank Mayor Joseph Polisena

and the residents of the Town of Johnston for their generous assistance during this time of crisis.  Their crew will help our crews get to more residents faster and efficiently.  This cooperation between our communities is a prime example of what we can accomplish when we work together for the best interest of our residents.” said Mayor Fung