Mayor Allan Fung Announces Strong Fourth Quarter Fundraising Numbers

(Cranston) – Mayor Allan Fung announced today his official fundraising results for the fourth quarter of 2017. Mayor Fung raised over $175,000, with 80% of donors coming from Rhode Island. Over six hundred individual donors supported the Mayor in his campaign for Governor, including close to three hundred new donors. Mayor Fung raised a total of over $380,000.00 for all of 2017, with a broad cross-section of support from throughout Rhode Island and from across the political spectrum.

“I am thrilled to announced the results of our very strong fundraising for the last quarter” said Mayor Fung. “I am especially proud of the fact that the vast majority of all funds raised come from right here in Rhode Island. I enjoy reaching out to Rhode Islanders who want to fix our state, instead of out of state special interests, and I appreciate their support.”

“The growing support our campaign is receiving is also evident from the two hundred and seventy-two new donors. I will continue to focus on hard-working Rhode Islanders and their needs – not those of out-of-state special interests just trying to get the next handout from the Commerce Corporation. These numbers show that we have the support of Rhode Islanders and the momentum in this campaign, and we will continue the push for reform that Rhode Island so desperately needs” Mayor Fung concluded.