Leading Renewable Energy Expert and Bestselling Author Craig Shields Announces Strategic Initiative to Assess New Cleantech Business Concepts


Craig Shields, founder of 2GreenEnergy offers his expertise at no charge to clean energy start-ups or business expansions into the renewable energy arena.

Los Angeles, Calif., January 26, 2018 – Craig Shields, founder of 2GreenEnergy is the author of four bestselling books about renewable energy. Since founding 2GreenEnergy in 2009, Craig has evaluated over 2,000 business plans. This has provided him with insights into innovation in clean energy, efficiency, storage, smart grid, electric transportation and everything else that comes under the banner of cleantech, such as sustainable agriculture and the water-energy nexus. This knowledge enables Craig to identify the most viable concepts as targets for investment. It also keeps him informed about cutting-edge technology in this rapidly expanding field.

“Almost all business concepts in this space are deeply flawed. They seek to offer something that sounds really attractive,” states Craig Shields. “Careful analysis reveals that given the trends, the competitive landscape and market conditions, it could not be offered at a competitive price. Technology that isn’t affordable is of no value.»

A keen understanding of the ever-changing market trends that affect the potential for success in each of the hundreds of cleantech’s sub-disciplines, allows Craig to process a high volume of information in a relatively short period of time. Once he has identified the business plans with the greatest potential for success, he can concentrate on finding investment capital from angels, VCs, family offices, and private equity firms.