Lindsay Lohan Presents Her New Reality Show

 Lindsay Lohan Presents Her New Reality Show

After all the arrests, court appearances, trips to jail and stays in rehab, Lindsay Lohan turned to reality shows.

Sunday night, the actress ,27, made ​​her most recent attempt to return in Lindsay OWN, a documentary series that appeared in the first episode of Channel E ! True Hollywood Story and part of Intervention, with a bit of Hoarders.

The premise is to follow Lohan while trying to restore her personal and professional life after six years of documented disorder. So last summer, less than a week after the completion of a stay of 90 days in a rehab place in Malibu, a place that actually aired commercials during the program, Lohan sat down with Oprah Winfrey on OWN for an interview and began filming .

The previews indicated that defects and errors will not be covered up, as crew members and OWN staff openly reviewed the way in which Lohan made production difficult. But in the first hour, viewers did not see anything.

Instead, the program followed the former star child as she packed haphazardly and moved from Los Angeles to New York, trying to find her own place, they saw her younger sister walking in a fashion show and an impromptu shopping trip.

However, amidst all these details, the central theme is Lindsay in sobriety.

Numerous Lohan lows are reported throughout the episode, and are often accompanied by an advisor of sobriety. Beyond that, Lindsay OWN wants to be a portrait of a young artist in recovery.

But when faced with the paparazzi , the stress of moving or lingerie photo shoot that did not go as planned, the actress seemed on the verge of collapse.

As for everyone else, it says very little out of the opportunity to sharpen sarcastic comments .

But even with the possibility that this documentary series will go wrong , it seems that Lindsay is a risk worth taking for the former child star.

» I’m trying to figure out how to be sane and live ,» she said in the episode this Sunday . «( I was) in this bubble where everything was done for me, and now I decipher all by myself.»