Juanes Says His New Album «The Best» Of His Career

After four years without launching an album, Juanes presents worldwide his new album, Loco de Amor.

«It’s a very special record for me because I take on the best time of my life,» he said in an interview with Ana Alvarado.

Colombian artist said after PARCE, a production that was not the success of his previous albums, and after the breakup with his former manager, Fernan Martinez, he had a new beginning .

Loco de Amor, was produced by the renowned Steve Lillywhite (who has worked with U2 and The Rolling Stones) and Emmanuel del Real of Café Tacuba .

Juanes, who has performed free concerts on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, said that «what happens now ( in Venezuela) is hard and sad, I hope they can soon find harmony .»

Juanes said that «one of the great experiences» has been collaborating with Carlos Santana, whom he described as his idol.