Laurelmead Residents Collaborate with RISD/Brown students design health-related products and health literacy for senior citizens

PROVIDENCE, RI ( December 15, 2015)- Residents at Laurelmead Senior Living Cooperative attended their second meeting with RISD Industrial Design students and a student from Brown University and reviewed both products and data that  help seniors live healthful and productive lives.

“ The collaboration between our residents and the students from RISD and Brown has been an inspiration to all of us,” said Craig Evans, Laurelmead’s Executive Director.


Working under the direction of RISD Associate Professor Claudia Rebola, Ph.D., the students met with residents during their Fall Semester and designed products and solutions to health challenges faced by the elderly.

The students have designed products and accumulated information that will help the elderly maintain healthy habits along with health literacy. They also met formally and informally at lunches and other meetings with Laurelmead residents to get to know them and their issues.

“ It’s been a team effort, and the students were excited to spend significant time with the residents at Laurelmead to learn their desires and needs,” said Rebola.


Some of the products that were unveiled include a mobile digital camera that motivates older adults to capture meaningful moments to be printed on playing cards to a fashionable accessory for walkers with storage capabilities.

Teams of students from RISD and Brown University were tasked with finding 5 solutions pertaining to health issues facing seniors. The solutions are to be shared with the community as well as interested companies and non-profit organizations.


About Laurelmead Senior Living Cooperative

Located on the East Side of Providence, Rhode island, Laurelmead is a distinctive retirement solution that provides social, intellectual, and fitness opportunities to seniors who want more. Though not an assisted living facility, our mision is to assist our residents by supporting their independence and enriching their lives.  Laurelmead is unlike any other retirement community in Rhode Island. To learn more go to