Langevin Statement on Trump’s Executive Order to Roll Back Federal Land Protections

WASHINGTON D.C.— Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) released the following statement on President Trump’s executive order to review all national monument designations on federal public lands since 1996 that are 100,000 acres or more in size:

“This executive order is an attack on the conservation movement started by Teddy Roosevelt and built upon by Democratic and Republican Presidents alike.  American conservation is based in a tradition of responsible stewardship, and it is supported by hunters and anglers; hikers and boaters; environmentalists and economists. President Trump’s efforts to undermine the core principles of American conservation will turn back the clock to a time when a select few exploited our resources to the brink of destruction. I urge the President to reconsider this shortsighted position, which represents the opening salvo in what would be a reckless and dubiously legal assault on the Antiquities Act.”