The Hassenfeld Family Foundation in Puerto Rico

 The Hassenfeld Family Foundation in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria, devastated Puerto Rico and left its residents in absolute helplessness. After the disaster came illnessess, epidemics, hunger and an immense dispair to get food, water and medications.
In the face of this horrifying situation, the Hassenfeld Family Foundation and Natalia Denegri, for several years producer and host of the Mega TV program Corazones Guerreros, decided to organize as they usually do, but this time with the goal of lending a helping hand to our Puerto Rican brothers.
In less than a week, they joint forces with Mega TV,Univisión and Telemundo and collected a substantial amount of medications, canned food, water, clothing, as well as the cooperation of healthcare profesionals who join in on the initiative, and rented a commercial airplane to transport goods to Puerto Rico.
They landed on Puerto Rico with more than 11,000 pounds of merchandise and where received by the first lady and representatives of the various institutions which will be in charge of distributing the goods. “It’s very sad the reality that our Puerto Rican brothers are going through and it is our moral as well as spiritual duty to lend a hand to help alleviate so much pain,” stated the altruistic group.
The host and movie/TV producer, along with TRINITUS PRODUCTIONS and the Hassenfeld Family Foundation produce the TV series Corazones Guerreros, an journalistic program already in its fifth season with emphasis on life stories and examples of self-improvement. But Denegri’s work doesn’t end when the camera’s lights go out, on the contrary, that’s when the work starts. “I’m very satisfied with what we’ve accomplished working with the Hassenfeld Family Foundation and I realize that helping is contagious because more and more people keep joining with each initiative.”
Now in Puerto Rican soil, Natalia is being joint by polititians, businessmen, art and sport celebrities and other volunteers. The same did Chayanne, Luis Fonzi, Ricky Martín and other artists who also arrived with their help.
The same airplane that transported the goods will bring back people who are very sick and even a baby in need of urgent medical care due to a serious cardiac pathology for which no medican attention is available at this time in Puerto Rico. “This is possible because we have manny people working. There is a committed team and along with the Foundation presided by Alan Hassenfeld we are attentive to the needs of our brothers,” she said, and concluded: “I’m proud to say that, with his actions, Alan Hassenfeld honours the Keys to the City of Miami which he deservedly received. He is a key person in this relieve effort.»

Senator, José Dalmao welcomed the plane in Puerto Rico. On the plane were Natalia Denegri, Adamari López, Johnny Lozada with Dr. Cotton and Dr. Eddie de Armas who traveled to Puerto Rico to deliver the donations and came back with the plane full of families in need, children and elderly people.
The donations were delivered to two children hospitals in Puerto Rico: the San Jorge Hospital and the Pediatric Hospital.

Donations included water, powdered milk, baby food, canned food, medications and toys.