Governor Raimondo Statement Regarding Resignation of EOHHS Secretary Elizabeth Roberts


PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Gina M. Raimondo today accepted the resignation of
Executive Office of Health and Human Services Secretary Elizabeth H. Roberts,
issuing the following statement:

«Elizabeth Roberts has dedicated the last two decades of her professional and
personal life to public service, and I commend her commitment to the people of our
state. She has fought her entire career to expand access to affordable health care
for more people. As my Secretary of Health and Human Services, Elizabeth played a
key role in our successful efforts to drive Rhode Island’s uninsured rate to one of
the lowest in the nation while reducing costs. At this time however, it has become
clear that the challenges faced by UHIP require new leadership. As Governor, I am
committed to doing whatever is needed to get this fixed for the people of Rhode

Secretary Roberts issued the following statement:

«It has been a tremendous honor to serve in Governor Raimondo’s administration over
the past two years. With the Governor’s leadership, we have set Rhode Island’s
Medicaid program on a sustainable path to provide high-quality, affordable
healthcare for the nearly one in three Rhode Islanders we serve. Across our state’s
public health and human service agencies, we have also put significant reforms in
place to provide better care, services and outcomes for some of our most vulnerable
community members. I am committed to supporting the administration during and after
the transition to new leadership.»