Fung Campaign Responds to the Failed Leadership of Gina Raimondo and Stagnant Rhode Island Economy

(Cranston) – The Fung campaign released the following statement regarding the failed leadership of Governor Gina Raimondo and the stagnant Rhode Island economy.

“Governor Raimondo claims things are getting better, but this report clearly shows that under her leadership the Rhode Island economy has completely stagnated. Per the RI DLT, the unemployment rate has only ticked down 0.1% over the past year, and now another two hundred jobs have been lost in January.

Rhode Islanders have had enough of families needing to leave the state to find good paying jobs. That’s why they are ready for the type of leadership Mayor Fung has shown in growing Cranston’s economy, as the WPRI poll earlier this week demonstrated.” – Andrew Vargas Vila, Allan Fung Campaign Manager