Florida Dog Kennel Emptied for 1st Time as COVID-19 Pet Adoptions Soar

VOA News

For the first time, an animal shelter in the U.S. state of Florida has seen every dog in one of its kennels adopted.  The shelter credits extra time people have to take care of pets because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Employees and volunteers could be seen cheering and clapping in a video shared at the sight of the empty kennel at Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in the city of West Palm Beach.


The shelter’s community outreach manager, Elizabeth Harfmann, told CNN the kennel, which often holds around 100 dogs, was emptied through collaborative community efforts.

“It’s definitely been a combined effort from the community. The animals went to foster homes, adopters and to our partner rescue organizations,” she said.  

While many shelters throughout the U.S. are receiving more adoption applications, experts warn the pandemic could also force people to surrender their pets — as is typical during national crises.  

The Humane Society is addressing that issue with the establishment of a fund to support shelters nationwide that become overcrowded due to the abandonment of pets.

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