Enrique Iglesias set to heat up Madison Square Garden with Valentine’s weekend concert

 Enrique Iglesias set to heat up Madison Square Garden with Valentine’s weekend concert

The singer is not only set to release his tenth album ‘Sex + Love’ next month, but he’s also headlining ‘El Concierto de los Enamorados’ for the lovers in New York City.

There will be more sex and love than usual in New York City this weekend, and not merely because it begins on Valentine’s Day.

Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, set to release his tenth studio album, «Sex + Love,» next month, is headlining «El Concierto de los Enamorados» at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

The Miami-raised singer will perform several of his classics in addition to songs on his upcoming album, which features tracks with Pitbull («I’m a Freak») and Marco Antonio Solis («El Perdedor»).

«I’m very excited,» says Iglesias, 38, whose first Garden concert was in 1998. «I’ve been lucky enough to play that place so many times, and I’m going to try to make it as special as possible. There’s gonna be a few surprises, which is gonna be fun. And there’s definitely gonna be people out there that I’ve collaborated with.»

While Iglesias promises to spice up the weekend for Big Apple romantics, his own relationship status remains somewhat murky. He apparently became single again when he and former professional tennis player/pinup girl Anna Kournikova, 32, split last fall following a 12-year relationship.

Yet Iglesias, who is notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life, has recently been spotted in Miami getting cozy again with Kournikova, so it’s not quite clear whether the Russian blonde bombshell is still the singer’s valentine.

Far less obscure has been his penchant for churning out edgy and provocative music, and one couldn’t be faulted for interpreting the video to the sexually-charged «I’m a Freak,» in particular, as the work of a man madly enjoying the single life.

But the sense of freedom Iglesias exudes in his work, he says, stems from the luxury of being able to team up with artists who made their names producing music vastly different from his own – be it the rapper Ludacris for «Tonight (I’m F—— You)» or bachata star Romeo Santos for «Loco.»

«What I love about doing what I’ve been doing for such a long time, but especially in the past few years, is being able to collaborate with different people,» Iglesias says.

«And the one thing that I want to be able to keep on doing is to make sure that I don’t stay stuck in one style of music.»

More than 18 years removed from the release of his eponymous debut album, and after collecting countless awards and selling more than 100 million records in his own right, Iglesias – son of Spanish icon Julio Iglesias – remains as driven today as he was as a teenager trying to emerge from his world-famous father’s shadow.

«I looked at those (sales) numbers that my dad had, and I looked at his records and everything he had accomplished, and I said, ‘I’m his son. I gotta do this my way, and I gotta be able to do it bigger and better.’ Generations are supposed to learn and grow, and be better,» he says.

«I’m not saying I’m better; that was me being competitive and just pushing myself, and at the same time trying to be as independent as possible,» Iglesias continues.

«That was crucial for me. It affected my personal life in many ways, but it gave me my other life, which was my career. Which I love more than anything.»