‘Citizens’ Statement on Mattiello’s Re-Election

Cranston, RI – The Citizens for a Corruption-Free RI (CCFRI), a partnership of two of Rhode Island’s leading advocacy organizations, the Rhode Island National Organization for Women (RI-NOW) and The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence (RICAGV), are disappointed that
Nicholas Mattiello won re-election to the House of Representatives. While they were not successful in their effort to defeat him, they call on the rest of the House of Representatives to join the growing chorus of the re-elected and newly elected State Representatives who have refused to support
Mattiello’s bid to retain his Speakership. Linda Finn said, “Rhode Island cannot move forward with Mattiello as the Speaker. Under Mattiello’s leadership women will continue to be undermined and devalued, important legislation supported by the vast majority of Rhode Islanders will continue to be held hostage, and the practice of not voting on bills until the final days of session will go on. Rhode Islanders deserve better than the circus of corruption that has characterized Mattiello’s time as Speaker.”

In reaction to Mattiello’s claim that the RI-NOW and the RICAGV are “extreme,” Finn said, “Mattiello’s dictatorial leadership style is what’s extreme. During his time as Speaker, Mattiello has single-handedly held back legislation that would protect a woman’s right to choose, that would allow
survivors of sexual assault to seek justice, and that would keep firearms out of K-12 schools, all at the behest of the corporate lobbyists and special interest groups that support him. These are not ‘extreme’ positions. In fact they’re supported by the vast majority of Rhode Islanders.” Finn
continued, “Despite the widespread support these bills enjoy, it is not possible to pass any of them under Mattiello’s corrupt, autocratic leadership.”

“We knew we were taking a huge risk when we entered this race,” said Finn, “but we felt strongly and continue to believe that the people of Rhode Island deserve leadership that is free from the taint of corruption, and that will not continue to hold back the state’s economy as well as legislative
packages that impact women, children and families. We call on all those in the legislature who support clean government that works for the people of Rhode Island to oppose Mattiello for Speaker of the House.”

Latino Public Radio