YOGgie biathletes in action on day two of Sochi 2014

“That went just how I had imagined,” enthused Franziska, who finished 41st. “I am glad I could stick to my game plan and deliver. I just don’t know how I am still standing to talk to you, it was very tiring!”

Winning three gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games in 2012 in Innsbruck, the 19 year-old was named the Junior Newcomer of the Year by the German Ski Federation.
Franziska’s dream of becoming a biathlete started at a training camp at the age of 15. “I got a gift coupon to test biathlon for a day, and that day changed my life.”

The young sportswoman explains: “I love biathlon because it’s just so much fun. The combination of skiing and shooting fascinates me, and you can always improve something. It never gets boring.”

The German YOGgie also fondly remembers her time at the Youth Olympic Games, “The Youth Olympic Games are really important for young athletes because they really boost your confidence, and the medals I won in Innsbruck were one of the flashes I had today, right before I shot out from the start line.”

Talented and determined, this 19 year-old is not giving up on her dreams of an Olympic medal just yet: “I was not close to a medal position today; but to make it to Sochi is such a big honour in itself”, commented Franziska. “I am young and I am improving with every race. I have a long career ahead, so you will see me in many more Games to come.”
She concluded: “You never fail until you give up, and that’s not how Germans work.”

We have no doubt that we will be seeing more of Franziska in the years to come. Another Youth Olympics biathlete, Australian Lucy Glanville, also put her best show in the 7.5km final sprint, finishing in a respectable 82nd place.

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