Winter is Here Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

 Winter is Here Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Winter is here and Providence Water is reminding
residents to be aware of the dangers of frozen pipes.

Ricky Caruolo, General Manager of Providence Water, wants customers
to know that cold and icy weather can wreak havoc on exposed or
under-insulated water pipes in homes and businesses.

Customers with plumbing that is not adequately insulated and has
close proximity to outside walls could freeze with long-lasting bitter cold
temperatures. Customers should take the extra measure of preventative care
if they are worried that their plumbing might not be properly insulated.

To prevent the possibility of an interior pipe bursting when
freezing temperatures are forecasted, run a tiny trickle of water from the
building’s interior faucet. This will prevent standing water in the pipes
from freezing and expanding, causing the pipes to crack.

Another preventative method to keep pipes from freezing is to keep
cupboard doors on cabinets located near outside walls open to allow the
heat from the building’s interior to warm the pipes.

Water meters that are open and exposed, especially near windows in
basements, are also susceptible to freezing and could end up leaking
water. Even water service pipes that bring water into homes are at risk if
they are exposed to sub-zero temperatures for a long enough period of time.

Without a doubt, the cost of a trickle of water during this short
period of time is nothing compared to the cost of hiring a plumber or
contractor to replace a section of your home’s plumbing or water service.