Whitehouse Announces Visit to Cuba with President Obama

Washington, DC – Senator Sheldon Whitehouse announced today that he will be
accompanying President Barack Obama and his family for the first visit to Cuba by a
sitting President in nearly nine decades. Congressman David Cicilline has also been
invited. Whitehouse released the following statement regarding the trip:

«Cutting diplomatic relations with Cuba more than a half century ago has not
achieved the kind of change we intended. Now is the time for a different approach.
Despite our differences, our two nations can cooperate on many things. We share
interests like expanding travel and commerce and conserving our oceans, which are
vital to the American and Cuban economies alike. I am honored to be included on
this historic trip and thank the President for the invitation.»

In January 2015, Whitehouse joined the first congressional delegation to travel to
Cuba since the Obama Administration’s historic announcement that diplomatic
relations with Cuba would be restored. Previously, he was on the congressional
delegation that opened the reconciliation process.

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