UFCW Members Send Unified Message to Stop & Shop: We Are Standing Up for Ourselves, Our Families, and Our Communities

All 5 UFCW local unions representing over 31,000 Stop & Shop workers prepared to take action amidst contract negotiations

 Providence, RI – United Food and Commercial Workers Local 328, 371, 1445, 1459, and 919, which collectively represent over 31,000 Stop & Shop members in the New England area, issued a statement today following last night’s final round of membership meetings, in which members of the remaining 3 Locals voted in favor of strike authorizations:

 “It is clear that over 31,000 hard-working Stop & Shop employees want to be able to provide the very best service for their customers in New England while still being able to provide for their families. However, Stop & Shop has continued to propose contracts that make that impossible.

“Stop & Shop would like us to accept a contract that severely cuts our health care and retirement benefits, but we will not accept one that devalues our members. Stop & Shop workers are trusted by customers all over New England with handling their food and providing great service, but the company is trying to put many of its workers in a position now where they have to choose between going to work sick or not being able to pay their bills. These kinds of cuts not only hurt our working families but put our communities at risk as well.

“Our members have spoken and are unified in doing what’s right for our stores, customers, and communities. The next round of negotiations will be critical in determining what direction we take.”