Two Guantanamo Inmates Transferred to Ghana

Ken Schwartz

The Pentagon has announced that two inmates from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba have been transferred to Ghana.

The decision to move the two suspected terrorists from the prison was based on several factors — including security matters — after a comprehensive review of their cases.

Ghana’s foreign ministry identifies the two former prisoners as being from Yemen and says they were cleared of all terror charges.

It says Ghana, as a member of the international community, has a responsibility to assist in what it calls the «international crisis situation,» including accepting refugees from Syria.

The Pentagon says 105 prisoners remain at Guantanamo.

President Barack Obama has made closing the military prison one of his goals before he leaves office.

However, many in Congress are reluctant to approve shuttering Guantanamo because some of its inmates would be transferred to federal prisons across the U.S.