Treasurer Magaziner Releases Annual Report Highlighting Recent Accomplishments

PROVIDENCE, R.I. —  General Treasurer Seth Magaziner today released his Office’s 2018 Annual Report, which highlights work to support small businesses, to make a once-in-a-generation investment in schools across Rhode Island, and how his office is returning millions of dollars in unclaimed property back to its rightful owners. 

«Over the past four years, we have found new and innovative ways to use the Treasurer’s office to strengthen our economy,» said Treasurer Magaziner. «I hope this report will give Rhode Islanders a glimpse into the work our team does every day to strengthen the finances of our state and make a real, tangible difference in peoples’ lives.» 

Among the accomplishments highlighted in the 2018 Annual Report: 

–          Helping hundreds of small businesses get the financing they need to expand and hire employees, through the Treasury’s new BankLOCAL program.

–          Working with stakeholders to produce a historic statewide school construction plan to ensure that all students attend schools that are warm, safe and dry and equipped to provide a 21st century education.  –   

       Reuniting nearly 50,000 Rhode Islanders with their unclaimed property through Treasurer Magaziner’s YOUR MONEY program. 

 –          Receiving recognition for financial transparency and high-quality financial reporting for the state pension system.  –

          Maintaining CollegeBound’s status as one of the highest-rated 529 college savings plans in the country.  –

          Assisting 1,200 Rhode Islanders who were victims of violent crime through the Crime Victim Compensation Program, including over 250 children who were able to access mental health counseling.

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