Treasurer Magaziner Announces Opposition to Executive Pay Packages

PROVIDENCE, RI – Facebook, eBay, and the parent company of Google are among the companies at which Rhode Island voted in opposition to management-backed ‘say on pay’ proposals.

«My job as Treasurer is to deliver strong financial performance for the state’s pension fund. When the companies we invest in award excessive pay packages to executives, it comes at the expense of the pension fund and the public employees we serve,» General Treasurer Seth Magaziner said. «Our say-on-pay effort reflects our position that executive compensation should be transparent and based on performance.»

So far in 2016, Rhode Island has voted «no» on executive compensation plans at 75 companies, due to a misalignment between CEO pay and company performance or because the compensation plans were deemed excessive or otherwise inappropriate.

Since the 1970s, inflation-adjusted CEO pay in the U.S. increased by almost 1,000 percent, according to a study last year from the Economic Policy Institute. Six of the highest paid U.S. CEOs make more than 300 times the salary of their typical employee, according to the compensation analysis firm PayScale.

Facing increasing shareholder advocacy amid a volatile market and slower growth rates, many of America’s biggest corporations are under an intense spotlight to link chief executive pay to company performance, according to the Korn Ferry Hay Group 2015 CEO Compensation Study.

The Office of the General Treasurer has sent a letter to all companies that received «no» votes to inform them of Rhode Island’s opposition to their executive pay packages, and offer to open a dialogue about how they can make progress on this important issue.