Today In History: March 15 1962

Mafalda Is Born

On March 15 the graphic cartoon ‘Mafalda’ was created. Its author, known worldwide as Quino, goes by the name of Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, born in Mendoza, Argentina, on July 17, 1932. Although he started as a cartoonist in 1954, the his success began in 1962, when he published his first book of graphic jokes collection entitled ‘Mundo Quino’ and created the ‘Mafalda’ comic.

One can not speak of ‘Mafalda’ without highlighting the strong and admirable personality of its author. So it must be said that under Quino’s guidance ‘Mafalda’ began an amazing journey: in 1964 appeared in the weekly Primera Plana.

The following year the El Mundo newspaper began to publish this cartoon. When in 1966 ‘Mafalda’ appeared as a book, the edition sold out in two days. In 1968 he published for the first time in Italy. A year later the writer and semiologist Umberto Eco made the presentation of the book ‘The argumentative Mafalda’. In 1971 the cartoon became known around the world and began to circulate as an animated series.

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