Telephone Scam Requesting Payment in Lieu of Arrest by Providence County Sheriff’s Department

Providence – Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Commissioner of the Rhode Island Department of Public Safety, along with Chief Sheriff David M. DeCesare, advise citizens to be aware of a telephone scam threatening arrest if a financial payment is not made.

A male caller identifies himself as either Lieutenant Frank Rodgers, Lieutenant Frank Williams, Judge J.J. McConley, or Captain Mike Davis of the Providence County Sheriff’s Office. The caller advises citizens that they have an outstanding court warrant and must provide payment in order to avoid arrest. Payment may be remitted in the form of a pre-paid charge card. These calls are fictitious and are an attempt to defraud citizens.

The Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs does not request payment for fines in any form and strongly urges anyone receiving this type of call to disregard it. Any questions regarding these types of calls can be directed to Rhode Island State Police Detective Trooper Stephen Vinton at (401) 275-2930.