Tatyana Frost CS4RI 2017 Student of the Year

 Tatyana Frost CS4RI 2017 Student of the Year

Tatyana Frost is an 11th grader at the Met School: East Bay. She developed a
computer science course called the Art of Code and she’s teaching other kids in her
school. The curriculum is targeted to get more girls interested in computer science
and fight inequality in the tech field.
Governor Celebrates Success and Sets New Goals for CS4RI Initiative

CS4RI will:

-Give kids the skills they need, starting in kindergarten, to access the skills they need to be successful

-Stop the brain drain by creating partnerships between our schools and businesses to raise awareness about the opportunities open right now in the Rhode Island

-Help kids get jobs that pay by giving them the 21st century skills they need

-Attract 21st century businesses to invest in Rhode Island by demonstrating a commitment to building a pipeline of trained and talented workers

-Address disparities so we create opportunities to ensure that everyone can «make it in Rhode Island»

To get involved and learn more, visit: governor.ri.gov and click on CS4RI.