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Traumatic Experiences Can Be Inherited From Parent to Child

Can a traumatic experience, or any change in our lifestyle be transmitted genetically to our children? This phenomenon, called Epigenetic inheritance has been linked in a multitude of diseases, from obesity to psychiatric problems like bipolar disorder where there is a gene that is clearly identified. But up to this date, no mechanism by which this occurs has been identified. A team of […]readmore


Weight-Loss Surgery Could Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Bariatric Surgery for weight loss in obese patients with type 2 diabetes helped many to reduce their blood sugar to healthy levels and not need more medication for the disease three years after the procedure, according to data presented at a major medical meeting on Monday. The operation also helped patients to reduce the need for treatments […]readmore

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Stem Cell Study Contained ‘Fraudulent’ Parts

The Nippon Research Institute of Riken acknowledged today that the last and revolutionary study on stem cells, led by scientist Haruko Obokata, published by the journal «Nature» contained «fraudulent» parts. The study, published in January in two articles that were picked up by «Nature», showed a very simple method to reprogram adult cells (immersing them in an acid or by […]readmore

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Japan Ordered to Stop Its ‘Research’ Expeditions

Japan will not hunt any more whales in the South seas and in the Antarctic, thanks to a decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which yesterday saw that the Japanese did not have any justification to continue this activity. Every year, Japanese vessels kill nearly 1,000 whales in these waters to feed a […]readmore


Black And Latino Children Have More Health Problems Than Whites

Black and Latino schoolchildren in the United States have «substantial inequalities» in their health compared with whites, according to a study published today in the magazine ‘ New England Journal of Medicine’. The research, funded by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, led at Children’s Hospital in Boston, and focused on the socio-economic conditions and health risks of […]readmore


A New Gel May Prevent HIV Infection

A vaginal gel can protect users against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), although it has to be used three hours after having sex. At the moment its efficacy and safety has only been tested in monkeys, but in the light of these findings, the researchers believe that it could be used in humans. Developing new […]readmore


Being Born Small or Premature Can Lead to Infertility

It is increasingly clear that fetal development influences subsequent life events. Since the cardiovascular risk to the possibilities of developing different diseases may be influenced by what has been experienced in the womb or shortly after leaving it. Now, a study published in the journal BMJ Open, shows that the physical characteristics of girls at […]readmore


A New Blood Test May be Able to Predict Alzheimer’s

A new blood test could detect with 90 % accuracy whether a person will develop Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment three years in advance, according to a study released by the journal Nature Medicine. The research, conducted by a group of experts from the Georgetown University Medical Center in the Washington DC, found that some […]readmore


Scientists Successfully Reprogram HIV Cells

In the world there is a very small group of people who is immune to the HIV virus that causes AIDS . For years, scientists have attempted to replicate this natural resistance. Now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, managed to genetically engineer the immune cells of 12 patients with HIV […]readmore

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RI Has Second Worst Unemployment Rate in the Country

For the year of 2013, Rhode Island had the second worst unemployment rate in the country at 9.5 percent. Only Nevada came first with an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent. These figures are according to revised state-by-state figures released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For nearly the entire year, Nevada maintained an […]readmore