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Ukraine Government Requests the Dispatch of Peacekeeping Troops

The President of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, called for the deployment of peacekeeping troops in the east of the country, where Russian activists continue occupying government buildings. Turchynov issued his statement after pro-Russian groups attacked another government official in the city of Horlivka on Monday. Video scenes show more than a hundred activists attacking the building at Horlivkay and hitting a police officer. Activists maintain outlets in other buildings in several cities in the east of the country, after ignoring the ultimatum by the authorities of Ukraine so that they leave the Government offices. A spokesman for the Russian President, Vladimir…
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Merkel and Putin Discuss Solution to Diplomatic Crisis in Ukraine

The German spokesman for the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the German leader and Russian President, Vladimir Putin, discussed by phone possible measures to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and Transnistria, a breakaway territory between Moldova and Ukraine. In a telephone conversation with Merkel, Russian President confirmed that he gave the order for withdrawal of troops at the border with Ukraine. A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense explained that a motorized infantry battalion, composed of hundreds of troops, is being withdrawn from the border. The Kremlin said in a statement that President Putin said that Ukraine should carry…
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