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Holi, The Festival Of Colors

Holi, also called the festival of colors, took place this week on March 17, 2014 and is a popular Hindu spring festival. On the first day, the burning of Holika, sister of Hiranyakashipu, is produced in huge bonfires at night. It is called Kama dahanamen Ahra Pradesh. On the second day, known as Dhulhendi, people […]Load more...

Este día en la historia

Today In History: March 12 1930

Gandhi Begins the Salt March A Campaign of Passive Resistance Against British Colonial Rule in India  On this day in 1930 Mohandas K. Gandhi, the «Mahatma», launched a new campaign of civil disobedience against the British colonial authorities in India. The purpose of the campaign at this time was the salt tax, a profitable monopoly in […]Load more...