Support for High Capacity Magazine Ban Grows Ahead of Big Gun Safety Hearing

LPR News

 Providence, RI -- As the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee prepares for a marathon hearing related to gun safety on Wednesday March 11, several Democratic City and Town Committees have passed resolutions in support of the High Capacity Magazine Ban (H7264/S2130) including Newport, Lincoln, Middletown, and Little Compton.
At its March 2, 2020, meeting, the Newport Democratic City Committee unanimously passed a resolution in support of the ‘Large Capacity Feeding Device Ban Act of 2020,’ as proposed by State Representative Justine Caldwell and State Senator Gayle Goldin. Newport Democratic City Committee’s Chairman, Bud Cicilline, said, "we believe that gun violence is a serious threat to the community and needs to be addressed in ways that will reduce the likelihood of death and/or serious bodily injury. When used on the street, it has been demonstrated that large capacity feeding devices produce lethal consequences every time. Government must adopt policies that will put the well-being of the public citizen in the forefront when it comes to the sale, possession and use of these killing machines”.

On the Middletown Democratic Town Committee’s passage of a similar resolution in late February, committee member Richard Adams, a retired Commander in the United States Navy, commented: “speaking as a retired military officer, it is astounding to me that we continue to allow military weapons into the general population. Military weapons belong in the military, period! Using real military weapons to ‘play at being military’ is an illegitimate use of the weapons and a dangerous act of delusion and self-deception."

Support for the proposed High Capacity Magazine ban continues to expand. The Newport, Middletown, Lincoln and Little Compton Democratic Committees join the Bristol and Jamestown Democratic Town Committees, as well as the Providence City Council and Central Falls City Council, all who unanimously passed supporting resolutions in the last month. More committees and councils are expected to consider similar resolutions.

These successful resolutions will be presented to the state legislators representing these communities, as well as the Senate President, the House Speaker, and the Governor. 
The Campaign for Gun Violence Prevention Rhode Island (CGVPRI) is a coalition of organizations, working together to share resources, build strategies and coordinate efforts to prevent gun violence. CGVPRI supports policies that will make Rhode Island a safe place for everyone to live.
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