Statement on Providence Community Police Relations Act (PCPRA) and Commissioner’s Defense of It

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare’s defense of the PCPRA in
the face of escalating violence since its enactment reveals his and our
governor’s out-of -control progressive agenda and how it will put all Rhode
Islanders in harm’s way while it ties the hands of our police. It is
inexcusable and every Rhode Islander should be outraged.

Much like our anti-police governor, the commissioner, who is hired by the
mayor, dismisses the escalation of violence and, worse, ignores the
concerns of the police in order to protect the mayor’s agenda. In an open
letter, Michael Imondi, president of the FOP (Lodge 3) states “the general
public needs to know the truth about the CSA/PCPRA and the anti-police
people who pushed and threatened the city council to get this ordinance
passed.” Imondi has told the press that there are people “taunting police
officers while in the performance of their duties.” He even claims “several
schools in Providence are training their students to be and act
anti-police.”  No one should be surprised, because the students are already
being allowed to disrespect teachers. How would we expect that they be
trained to respect the police?

These “reforms” affect our whole state, tying the hands of our police and
demoralizing them, while putting the law on the side of criminals rather
than law enforcement. As we saw a few years ago with riots in Baltimore and
St. Louis, our elected officials turn a blind eye to the violence and crime
that their “progressive” agenda promotes. It’s time we listen to our police
and demand accountability on the part of the mayor and our governor for
their radical, ant