Statement from Memorial Fund President and CEO Craig W. Floyd On Recent Shootings


WASHINGTON, DC – A deadly year for law enforcement just got a lot
worse these past few days when five officers were shot, two of them
fatally. The shootings occurred in four different states and at least
three of the incidents appear to have been cold-blooded ambush-style

On Friday, November 18, Deputy Commander Patrick Carothers, a 26-year
veteran of the U.S. Marshals Service, was shot and killed in Georgia
while attempting to arrest a man wanted for attempted murder of police
officers, domestic violence and other crimes. The assailant was shot
and killed by other officers.

On Sunday, November 20, San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi
was shot and killed in an ambush attack as he sat in his patrol
vehicle writing a traffic citation. The assailant was seemingly
uninvolved in the traffic stop. He pulled his vehicle up behind the
officer, got out of his car and shot the officer twice in what appears
to be a brutal assassination. The assailant is still at large.

On Sunday, November 20, a 20-year St. Louis police veteran was sitting
in his patrol vehicle in traffic when another car pulled up and the
occupant opened fire, hitting the officer in the face and critically
injuring him. The assailant was later shot and killed by police.

On Sunday, November 20, a Sanibel (FL) police officer was shot while
sitting in his marked patrol car during a traffic stop when a drive-by
shooter opened fire. The officer was treated and released from a
hospital and the suspect was arrested.

On Sunday, November 20, a Gladstone (MO) police officer was shot and
wounded during a foot pursuit with a fleeing criminal suspect, who was
later shot and killed by police.

These are just the latest incidents involving violent and, in a
growing number of cases, targeted attacks against our law enforcement
professionals. Already this year, 127 officers have died in the line
of duty nationwide based on preliminary information, including 60
killed by gunfire, which is a 67 percent increase over the same time
last year. Ten of those officers were fatally shot this month alone.
More officers have been shot and killed this year than during any full
year since 2011.

The number of officers shot and killed in ambush attacks this year now
totals 20, which is the highest total since 1995. This is part of a
growing and alarming trend that has seen 44 officers gunned down in
fatal ambush shootings since 2014.

Clearly, our officers are facing horrendous and growing risks while
serving and protecting our communities. It is time for all elected
officials, the media and law abiding citizens everywhere to stand in
solidarity with our law enforcement professionals and condemn and
confront those who are directing violence and hate toward them.