Statement from Chief Judge Frank Caprio

To the Providence Community,
We are a resilient and caring community which has allowed us to come together through difficult and challenging moments. This is another such moment for the City of Providence, for our State of Rhode Island, for our country and the world. And it’s at times like this that we will rely on each other and our strength of character to move forward.
The COVID-19 outbreak presents an unprecedented health crisis and as we are all aware of by now, is creating challenges for every aspect of our city. While the number of cases across RI remains low, and we are being advised that the risk to most of us for contracting the disease remains low, we do know at this time, that due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, the risk is significant to those with underlying health conditions and senior citizens.
With this information in mind, we are making the decision to cancel court until further notice. Please see below for details of what this means for you:
This extraordinary set of circumstances and the necessary decision we have reached is not something we have taken lightly. I regret that there is not another way, given what we know today, to manage what the W.H.O. is describing a Global Pandemic. 
If you have a trial date to appear before the Municipal Court, you will receive a new summons in the coming days. If you have questions regarding your court date, you can call the Municipal Court at 401-243-6414.
If you have a fine to pay, or are in need of a parking permit you can visit the Providence Public Safety Complex at 325 Washington Street during regular business hours and pay at the window. The closure is only relative to trial dates or hearings.
For more information on the Municipal Courts or to pay your fines online, visit them at

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