Spirit of Paris Begins to Return After Terrorist Killings


Daniel Schearf
Twenty-three-year-old American student Nohemi Gonzalez was one of dozens killed when Islamic State terrorists opened fire on crowded cafes and bistros in a trendy Paris neighborhood.More than 30 people took shelter in the Green Berets bar, where owner Meng, a former serviceman, said they hid from attackers until 4 a.m.

“I heard the noise of the rifles … really loud,» he said. Outside, «there were 10 people who’d fallen to the ground, bleeding. Things were hot. People were screaming and running.”

The bar was just meters from the slaughter, but patrons have already returned to buy lottery tickets and relax over drinks.

“We have to smile for the world,» said a Parisian named Audrey. «And we have to think about the dead in other countries. We have to stop thinking only of ourselves.  And we have to keep on living.”

Despite warnings that terrorists may strike again, the area’s cafes are returning to life and Parisians are resolute.

“We’re never going to change,» Meng said. «We’re going to keep on going. This is our neighborhood, and I like it.”

French eateries called on people to support the restaurant industry with the campaign slogan “Everyone to the Bistro!”

The call for a return to iconic French life was shared by resident jazz musicians. The best way for Paris to resist succumbing to terror, they said, was to simply not change.