Small Business Week Kicks Off with a Business Walk

Over 100 businesses visited by over 80 community leaders to promote regional economic growth

NEWPORT COUNTY & BRISTOL COUNTY, RI: Over 80 community and civic leaders celebrated the kick off of Small Business Week on May 7 by visiting nearly 100 businesses throughout Newport and Bristol counties, building connections and fostering support of economic growth.

Civic leaders in attendance included Senator Dawn Euer, Representative Terri Cortvriend, Representative Deb Ruggiero, Representative Susan Donovan, Representative June Speakman, Newport Mayor Jamie Bova, Newport City Councilwomen Lynn Ceglie and Susan Taylor, Middletown Councilwomen Terri Flynn and Barbara VonVillas, Bristol Town Councilman Arron Ley, Tiverton Town Council Vice President Justin Katz, Tiverton Town Council President Robert Coulter, Warren Town Council President Keri Cronin, and Warren Town Councilman Steven Calenda.

“So insightful  to talk with many Middletown businesses and ask questions about doing business on Aquidneck Island, their hiring and regulation challenges”, says Rep Deb Ruggiero (Jamestown and Middletown), “this should continue on a regular basis. One recurring theme is the sense of community and quality of life!”

Photo courtesy of
Newport County Chamber of Commerce

Volunteer walkers gathered feedback from locally owned businesses, ranging from retail shops to manufacturing to marine trades, gaining insight into the inner workings of the business community. The conversations between the community leaders and business owners and operators relayed avenues to improve business opportunity and growth to community leaders.

“The business walk was a fantastic, eye opening opportunity. It’s so important for us to connect to businesses and see the common threads that they share,” said Tuni Schartner, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Innovate Newport. “The innovative approach of the Chamber of Commerce to create Connect Greater Newport is helping us to really make an impact on the statewide economy.”

Business walks have proven nationally and internationally to be highly effective in strengthening local economies by retaining businesses in a community and creating an environment where they can grow.

“The best way to start promoting growth in our business community is to understand their stories and perspectives, noting the strengths and challenges of our region and using that to make Greater Newport a better place to do business,” said Ashley Medeiros, Director of Connect Greater Newport.

Photos courtesy of
Newport County Chamber of Commerce

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