Secretary Gorbea urges voters to confirm polling locations and times at

 Secretary Gorbea urges voters to confirm polling locations and times at

PROVIDENCE, RI – Thousands of Rhode Islanders will vote on Tuesday, April 26, to
elect delegates to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and to signal
their choice for either party’s Presidential candidate.

Statewide, 144 polling places will open for next Tuesday’s election. This is
approximately one-third of the polling places available during regularly scheduled
elections. Additionally, polling hours and locations may differ for the Presidential
Preference Primary. That’s why Secretary Gorbea is urging voters to confirm their
polling location and times using the Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center

Secretary Gorbea recently launched a redesigned mobile version of the Voter
Information Center that provides unprecedented personalized information, including
interactive maps and sample ballots. The Mobile Voter Information Center loads
instantly and does not require the user to download a separate app.

Voters who unexpectedly find they will be unable to vote at their polling place on
Election Day are encouraged to go to their local city or town hall through April 25
and vote using an emergency mail ballot.

Additionally, the RI Department of State’s Election Division has staff that is
available to answer any related question directly via telephone at (401) 222-2340 or
via email at