Schumer Statement on the Administration’s Travel Ban Taking Effect Tonight

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today released the statement
below regarding the administration’s travel ban taking effect tonight:

«Nearly six months after the President first proposed a Muslim travel ban under the
guise of needing time to evaluate our nation’s security, it’s crystal clear this
Administration is more interested in appearing to fulfill a dangerous campaign
promise than actually taking action to keep America safe. The justification the
Administration had in January that they needed a 90 day pause to review and
implement new security policies is moot.

«The Supreme Court’s order this week was narrow and explicitly protects those with
relationships in the United States, so I am troubled to learn that Administration is
planning a far broader implementation than what the Court allowed. I urge the
Administration to reel in their plan and focus on bipartisan solutions to keeping
our homeland safe.»