Salvatore Calls on Congress to Remove Ban on Gun Violence Research


PROVIDENCE, R.I.-Councilman David Salvatore (Ward 14) is calling on Congress to
repeal an act that prohibits America’s largest health protection agency from working
to end gun violence. Salvatore will introduce a
at tonight’s City Council meeting that urges Congress to repeal the «Dickey
Amendment,» which prevents the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from conducting
gun-related injury research and advocacy.

The research ban, says Salvatore, prevents policymakers from making informed,
data-driven decisions on gun reform: «The Dickey Amendment has stalled gun injury
research for an entire decade,» said Salvatore. «No one benefits from the
obstruction of research. It’s time for Congress to stop cowering to the NRA and get
this data out of the dark.»

In 1993, the CDC published a study on gun violence injuries that drew a clear link
between gun ownership and higher risks of homicide and suicide. The study was soon
followed by a major lobbying campaign from the National Rifle Association (NRA) that
successfully shut down further government-sponsored research. Today, even former
Congressman Jay Dickey is a strong advocate for repealing the amendment that was
named after him.

Repealing the Dickey Amendment, said Salvatore, is a crucial step in making city
neighborhoods safer. «We must continue to enact effective policies, and sound
research drives responsible legislation,» said Salvatore. «As elected officials, we
cannot become complacent when it comes to violence on our streets. A few quiet weeks
is not a victory.»

This initiative is part of Salvatore’s ongoing efforts to end violent crime in
Providence. In recent months, Salvatore has called on the Providence Police
Department to take stronger measures to prevent incidents of violent crime. «Safe
neighborhoods are the foundation of a city’s quality of life,» said Salvatore. «The
vitality of a community takes a blow every time a gun is fired.»