Road improvements on Cass Avenue to begin next week


WOONSOCKET, RI: Upgrades to the road surface for a major section of Cass Avenue are
set to begin next week as the City of Woonsocket continues its summer road
improvement campaign. Work on the main thoroughfare, one of the City’s busiest, will
run from the intersection of Cass Avenue and Mendon Road to Cass Park, representing
approximately 10,000 square yards of pavement.

«Cass Avenue is an important road within our community that connects residents to
schools, our local hospital, and businesses,» said Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt. «This
represents a win for the City as we continue to improve critical infrastructure that
has been neglected for too long. The Woonsocket Department of Public Works has done
a great job of maintaining and improving our City streets using budgeted funds
without harming the City by taking on further debt.»

Beginning next week, the road surface on Cass Ave. will be milled and then paved
shortly thereafter. During the rehabilitation process, the road will be open to
traffic, and motorists should expect only minor delays. Work on Cass Avenue is
expected to be completed by the middle of August.

«The 2016 Road Reconstruction Program has been successful so far with 6 roads paved
and more to come in the future,» said Public Works Director Steven D’Agostino.
«According to our records this section of Cass Avenue was last paved about 22 years
ago and is in need of attention.»

In addition to road reconstruction on Cass Ave., improvements to Circle Street and
Brien’s Court will begin in coming weeks. Circle Street and Brien’s Court will
undergo a complete reconstruction, where the existing surface will be removed,
graded, and then repaved. The reconstruction of Circle Street, the home of many
local businesses, will also mark the end of recent water infrastructure upgrades to
that area after decades of inadequate water pressure experienced by customers.