Ricky Martin launches app so fans can see him in concert

Ricky Martin launched an application that will allow his fans a special personalized way in which to see him in concert via mobile platforms.

«On my recent tour across Australia, I kept hearing from people all over the world how they wished to be there and be part of the tour or how they wished they could come to the concerts,» said Martin in a communique released by his recording company, Sony Music.

For the launching of the Ricky Martin Concert 4U app, the 3D-4U tech firm used the concert given by the Puerto Rican singer in Australia.

Via the app, users can control what parts of Martin’s concert they see, the view they prefer and whether they want to view it in two or three dimensions thanks to a large number of perspectives of the songs that were selected.

«It is a great pleasure and an honor to release our first mass consumer product in partnership with a superstar such as Ricky Martin and the visionary media giant Sony Music US Latin,» said S. Jay Jayaram, the president of 3D-4U.

Ricky Martin has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide.

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