RI GOP Violates Policy, Brings Partisan Politics into the Classroom


RI Dems demand investigation into fundraising email sent to Coventry School District on behalf of GOP candidates

WARWICK, RI — Rhode Island Republicans are going to unethical lengths to fundraise this year. Staff members and parents of students in the Coventry Public School District were surprised to receive a political fundraising solicitation from a Vice Principal on behalf of the Coventry Republican Town Committee this week. The questionable flyer was distributed to multiple official school district email listservs.

“Partisan political fundraising has no place in our public schools,” said Joe McNamara, Chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party. “This is an
obvious violation of the school district’s political activities policy and must be fully investigated and explained by the Superintendent of the
Coventry School Department, Craig Levis.”

“Corrupt Rhode Island Republicans have done it again in 2018,” said Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye, Executive Director, Rhode Island Democratic Party. “Scott Copley, George Nardone and the entire Rhode Island Republican Party owe an explanation to Coventry voters — this clear violation of policy is an insult to every Rhode Islander who works hard and plays by the rules.”

Coventry Public Schools Political Activities Policy states:

While at work or on school property, school personnel shall not make statements on behalf of the Coventry Public Schools, shall not interfere
with political or civic rights of a colleague, shall not use public school resources to promote or oppose a political candidate or political view, and
shall not circulate literature, post signs, wear buttons or utilize similar activities to promote or oppose a political candidate or political view.