RI Fire Marshal warns of firework recall


WARWICK, RI – Rhode Island State Fire Marshal John Chartier today warned that a certain type of TNT firework that would be considered legal for use in this state has been recalled by federal safety officials because it can unexpectedly explode after being lit, posing risk of burns and other injuries.

The product is called TNT Red, White & Blue Smoke, which creates colored smoke when lit. It is sold in packages with three separate canisters – one red, one white and one blue.

This particular product does not appear to be sold in Rhode Island. However, it is available and sold through major department stores and other outlets in Vermont, Ohio and other states and would be considered legal for use in Rhode Island.

“Out of an abundance of caution, I’m warning Rhode Island residents and visitors who may have purchased this brand of firework and/or had plans to do so that it is considered dangerous and unsafe for use,” Marshal Chartier said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said consumers should immediately stop using this firework and contact American Promotional Events at 800-243-1189 or via email at infor@tntfireworks.com for a full refund.

More information is available the CPSC website at https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2017/Fireworks-Recalled-By-American-Promotional-Events.