Rhode Island State Police Urges Motorists to Prepare a Game Plan for Super Bowl Sunday

Colonel Ann C. Assumpico, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety, encourages all motorists to have a game plan for Super Bowl Sunday, especially those who will be attending game-day celebrations.

«We want people to enjoy the game, but also to celebrate responsibly to keep our roadways safe for everyone,» Colonel Assumpico said. «Whether you’re going out to watch the game or hosting a party, plan ahead to ensure that everyone has a safe ride home.»

Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the biggest drinking days of the year, along with New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day. Federal highway statistics show a spike motor in vehicle crashes and alcohol-related fatalities after Super Bowl games, making it one of the most dangerous days to be on the roads.

That’s why the Rhode Island State Police is assigning extra patrols statewide to identify and arrest motorists who are driving while impaired by alcohol and drugs. Troopers also ask that motorists call 911 to report anyone operating a motor vehicle erratically or in a dangerous manner.

«We have zero tolerance for those who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, putting the lives of all Rhode Islanders at risk,» Colonel Assumpico said.

The Rhode Island State Police offers the following tips and reminders for Super Bowl Sunday:

• Don’t drink and drive.
• Don’t let others drive drunk.
• Select a designated driver ahead of time, or make other arrangements for a safe ride home.
• Buckle up – seatbelts are your best defense against drunk drivers.
• Don’t drive if you are too tired after the game. Fatigue can lead to crashes, too.
«Now is the time to work on your game plan, long before the Super Bowl begins,» Colonel Assumpico said. «We encourage everyone to be a team player; let’s work together to keep impaired drivers off our roads.»