Rhode Island Small Businesses Cannot Afford Another Minimum Wage Increase

PROVIDENCE, March 6, 2019 — In response to a proposal before the House Committee on Labor to raise the state minimum wage to $12.50 per hour, the following statements may be attributed to NFIB’s Rhode Island State Director, Christopher Carlozzi:

“The last minimum wage increase just took effect and another hike is already being proposed,” said Christopher Carlozzi, NFIB’s Rhode Island State Director. “If passed, this will mean a whopping 39 percent increase in the minimum wage since 2016, something Rhode Island small businesses cannot afford.

«Governor Raimondo’s budget also calls for a minimum wage increase to $11.10 per hour. The latest increase to $10.50 represents the third consecutive year of wage hikes. 

“Study after study has shown minimum wage increases crowd young and unskilled workers out of the workforce,” said Carlozzi. “It also means less hours available for employees, fewer job opportunities, higher prices for consumers, and the likelihood of automation for certain industries.”

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