Health Access Bull Bay International is a non-profit organization sending a team of doctors and community leaders to Eleven Miles, Bull Bay, Jamaica, West Indies from July 6 to July 8, 2015. The Doctors and nurses will treat patients at the New Testament Church of God, Bull Bay St. Thomas, Jamaica. The healthcare team will also visit shut-in residents who cannot access the health center. Preventative care includes; blood pressure checks, HIV testing, Ob/Gyn exams, EKGs, prostate exams and well-baby checks. Essential medications will also be dispensed to patients at no cost to them.

 Team members will collaborate with local community health workers to identify sustainable strategies for addressing public health concerns ranging from HIV and Diabetes to Hypertension. The Bull Bay community is an impoverished community located 11 miles from the capital city of Kingston, Jamaica.  Eleven Miles, Bull Bay does not have a clinic. The few residents who can afford to pay for transportation has to travel 12 miles to see a doctor. And, when they see a doctor most cannot afford to pay for the medicine.

Two years ago when the healthcare team visited the island, they treated 384 patients including 186 children. Many of the patients were seeing a doctor or healthcare provider for the very first time.

Health Access Bull Bay International project Founder, Desmond Ranglin resides in Providence, Rhode Island and stressed» The people of Bull Bay are un-wavering in their resolve to live healthy lives, but structural poverty has negatively impacted the quality of their lives. They work hard as a community and that is why this mission is so critical in assisting them to achieve their healthcare goal.»

Two Primary Care Providers practicing in Rhode Island and a Primary Care physician from New Mexico will be partnered with local physicians in Jamaica to provide free care. Call to Action: Health Access Bull Bay International is seeking sponsorships and financial assistance to assist with shipping and handling of medical supplies and for the purchase of necessary medications for families in need. A gofundme account «Jamaica Healthcare Mission» has also been set up to assist with the project.

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