Rhode Island child of 10 years of age dies of infection tied to Enterovirus D68

A Rhode Island child has died of a bacterial infection associated with Enterovirus D68, state public health officials said on Wednesday.

The 10 year old of Cumberland, Emily Otrando, died as a result of a staphylococcus aureus sepsis associated with the respiratory virus, which the Rhode Island Department of Health in a statement called a «very rare combination that can cause very severe illness in children and adults.»

But it remains unclear what role, if any, enterovirus D68 had in the girl’s death, said Health Director Dr. Michael Fine on Wednesday.»We’re saying we’re sure that the child died of staph aureus sepsis, which is an overwhelming bacterial infection,» said Fine. «We’re sure of that. The virus was present in the child’s body. We’re not sure how much the presence of the virus contributed – or didn’t contribute – to the child’s death.»

Officials noted that very few people who contract the Enterovirus

D68 will develop symptoms beyond a runny nose and low fever.

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