Rhode Island Charter Schools Continue to Receive Overwhelming Enrollment Demand

Providence, RI – Rhode Island charter schools continue to receive overwhelming demand from parents and families seeking to enroll their students. Each year, Rhode Island charter schools conduct admissions lotteries on March 1st to enroll students for the following school year. This year, the 18 charter school members of the R.I. League of Charter Schools collectively received a total of 12,002 applications for 1,028 total available seats. 10,974 applicants will be placed on waiting lists for admission.

“Our Rhode Island charter schools remain is strong demand from parents and families throughout the state who want high-quality public education opportunities for their children” said Keith A. Oliveira, Executive Director of the R.I. League of Charter Schools. “Rhode Island parents and families recognize the success of our charter schools in providing high-quality academic programming and our welcoming school environments. Parents want the opportunities that our charters provide. Unfortunately, the number of available seats in our charter schools remains far below the number of students seeking to enroll.” said Mr. Oliveira.

The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools was created in 2001 and represents 18 member charter schools across Rhode Island. Its mission is to expand the role of charter schools within Rhode Island’s public education landscape and to advocate for public education choice.