Republican Congressional Candidate Supports New EPA Regulation change.


WEST GREENWICH, RI – This week, the Trump administration announced new plans to roll back and replace Obama-era regulations on emissions from coal-fired power plants – via the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule – which would give states broad authority to determine how to restrict carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. The plan, praised nationally as a job-saver for the energy sector, replaces the Obama-era Clean Power Plan that sought to speed up the closure of coal-burning power plants.


Today, Republican Congressional Candidate Sal Caiozzo commented the on this pressing issue, praising it as a win for the economy while still allowing states to direct their own energy regulation and environmental protection. “This decision by the EPA allows those in the energy industry, state leaders who put a premium on good environmental policy, and those who believe in respecting the states’ rights of the ‘10th Amendment’ to all find common ground” Caiozzo said. “This regulatory change allows for more local control and less burden from the federal government, ultimately a win for everyone.”


Caiozzo, while a believer in good environmental stewardship and proper regulation, says the most effective regulation needs to be decided on a local basis. “I applaud the actions of President Trump and the EPA for rolling back regulatory framework that mandates too much federal involvement and replacing it with something that allows greater decision-making for the state governments,” Caiozzo said. “This gives states and regions that put a larger premium on environmental protection the ability to decide their own polices, without interference from the federal government.”


Caiozzo concluded: “With policies like this, it allows our federal elected officials to get back to work on job creation, reduced cost of living, and taking care of our children and veterans – all among pressing issues that should get top priority by our congressional leaders” he said.